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   Welcome to the Villa Rica Radio Club, an Amateur Radio Club and Home of WR4VR.


This club has been established to promote Amateur Radio communication and electronics technology knowledge through education and club activities. You will find tutorials which are available. And check out the forums.


From the admin: Those of you wishing to create an account on this club website need to provide your Amateur Radio Callsign when you register. As an alternative, you can use the contact email page to register your callsign with us. Persons who fail to provide an up-to-date callsign will be deleted.



 Due to the ongoing pandemic of the Coronavirus, Covid19, the monthly meetings will be suspended. The executive officers of the Villa Rica Radio Club will reevaluate the situation in Jul 2020. The suspension of meetings is for the safety of its members and any visitors. Weekly nets will continue.

The ARRL VHF Contest will be happening in June. From the ARRL website: The second full weekend in June.  Begins 1800 UTC Saturday, runs through 0259 UTC Monday (June 13-15, 2020).

More Details can be found at  and for recommended frequencies at

The 2020 Winter Field Day event.

    WFD was a lot of fun. As always, nothing went as expected. Here are some of the challenges we faced:

  • Comm ports changing really caused outages on 2 of our stations. Luckily it was only one station down at a time and we were able to operate at least one station during the whole time we operated. 

  • .....

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The 2019 ARRL RTTY Round Up Event.

    We participated in the ARRL RTTY Round Up contest in Jan 2019. After running the Log Checking Report (LCR), the final score came in at 8,642  points. For our first attempt at participating in a digital contest,

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The 2019 ARRL Field Day, an Amateur Radio Club event.

    Location: Pine Mountain Gold Museum in Villa Rica Georgia

    Date and Time: Starting Saturday, 22 June at 2 pm

    2019 ARRL Field Day took place as stated above.....

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 Propagation Report