The Villa Rica Radio Club Volunteer Examiner Testing Team


Amateur Radio License Test Sessions


    The Villa Rica Radio Club Volunteer Examiner Testing Team will be holding testing sessions on the third Saturday of each month.



The testing sessions will be held at the Villa Rica Public Library located on Hwy 61 north of Tanner Medical Center. The sessions will start at 09:30 am. The library opens at 09:00 am. Please try to arrive at the library before the session.

Walk-ins are welcomed. For reservations, my contact information can be found on via FIND AN EXAM LOCATION NEAR YOU link. Select Georgia via the pull-down menu and find Villa Rica listed there.

All Amateur Radio License Candidates are required to bring with them to the session ( Note: FCC guidelines require TWO forms of ID ) :

  • Preferred - A government issued Photo ID (Like a state drivers license, passport, Military ID, etc.)
  • A second form of ID. (Per FCC guidelines) A photocopy of your current license will do. Otherwise, see Special Note below for more details.
  • A Federal Registration Number (FRN). If you already have an Amateur Radio License, you will find the FRN printed on the license.
    Otherwise, you can get your FRN via a link on the website page for your callsign.
    If you do not have an Amateur Radio License or have an expired License, you can go to the following website to register for a FRN ( We prefer that you NOT use your Social Security number! ):

  • A $14.00 Exam Fee - Cash Only
  • If testing for a license upgrade, you must bring a photocopy of your current license or C.S.C.E. with you. If you were licensed after February 17, 2015 and need a paper copy, an official copy can be printed from the FCC's website:

All needed forms will be supplied by the Volunteer Examination Team. It will not be necessary for you to bring a FCC form 605

Again, please try to arrive early for the testing session. You will need time to fill out the test related paperwork.


Special Note:


Acceptable ID documentation

  • Non-photo State ID Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Library Card
  • School ID or School Report Card
  • Utility Bill, Bank Statement or other Business Correspondence with the Candidate's name and address
  • a postmarked envelope addressed to the Candidate at their current mailing address